Drawing lesson-Koi Fish

Well things have been fun and busy. Kindred Art is teaching a Advanced art program at Monforton school! Yay!

It has been exciting to use some advanced lessons to challenge these students.

Koi fish make one of the best pond fish to care for and make one of the best garden fish.
Koi Fish originate from Japan and represent love and friendship in Japanese culture.
Most Koi outlive their owners, having a lifespan of 200+ years.
Carp are cold water fish, and their ability to survive and adapt to many climates and water conditions allowed them to be domesticated.

Our first lesson was a practice of overlapping images. As you can see there are the stones on the bottom of the pool. Then come the fish and then the lily pads some with beautiful flowers floating on the surface.

Media: Marker

All drawing done by 3rd-8th grade students