Children enjoy the process of creating and learning. Jennifer Mathson founded Kindred Art to bring artistic and educational excellence to children.

Jennifer and Mona
Jennifer and Mona

The instructor Jennifer Mathson has been influenced by the Monart Method from the time her mother bought the book “Drawing With Children” By Mona Brookes. She remembers sitting and looking at the drawing of other children, and some of the sample drawings in the book, and drawing those same pictures over and over. Her art experience has grown into professional level fine art, and has participated in galleries, art exhibits, and private commissions.

In addition to her artistic passion, she has embraced educational based tutoring in assisting children with reading and their writing. Having helped children of many levels excel in public school settings, private school settings, and in the Kindred Art method, she offers a full rounded artistic combination of educational enrichment as well.

In 2011 she traveled to California to meet and train with Mona. Jennifer completed the eduArts Certification Training in Berkeley, CA. Jennifer utilizes this certification to use the eduArts methodology and eduArts Curriculum. Jennifer also creates lesson plans based on the skills she has learned over the years as fine art artist, and what is most suited for the program the child is enrolled.

“Drawing has given me confidence, the ability to problem solve, and allows me to do something that brings me true joy. I love seeing the satisfaction a child has after they have worked to create a drawing that they can be proud of.”

Mona Brookes is the author of:

Drawing with Children book cover
Drawing for Older Children & Teens

Art has always been an important part of Jennifer’s life. She has been a fine artist for over fifteen years. You can view her personal art work.