Drawing Fundamentals: 9-13 Year Olds


This 1 and 1/2 hour class is tailored to the attention span and motor coordination of an 9 to 13 year old.

Students will learn the Kindred Art drawing method  the elements of shape and how to use the method to create drawings from a variety of realistic, abstract, and expressionistic styles.

Media: Graphite Pencil, Chalk Pencil, Oil Pastel, Marker, Watercolor, Acrylic Paint


Lessons will introduce them to inspirations from 2 Dimensional graphic materials, 3 Dimensional objects, the human form, perspective, and proportion. This class will also offer academic information on subjects such as literature, geography, science & more.


  • Builds skill levels for independent creativity
  • Includes proportion, prospective, and shading, through simplified ways of teaching


When students continue to think to themselves “I can draw” it is a skill they will use throughout their life and it will be a great source of confidence to them.