Our Approach

The key principles followed and taught at Kindred Art

girl painting art
  1. No Competition: Students are given the opportunity to observe each other and learn. Even if each student is drawing from the same reference material, each student will see that material with their own perception. It is amazing to see how each drawing can be so unique. Students learn how to respect each other this way.
  2. No Judgement:  A visit to Art galleries will show you that there is no right or wrong way to do art. Understanding this allows students the freedom to create while still drawing realistically.
  3. Different drawing styles: Learn the differences between Symbolic drawing, Realistic Drawing and Abstract Drawing.
  4. Expectations: Students learn to appreciate their art work and be ok when the time will come that they have drawings that they may not be pleased with. Some Professional Artists will create ten painting and still only choose to frame a few of them. Learning to “fix” something in a drawing provides the student with a wonderful opportunity to problem solve.
  5. Realism: Many professional artists started out by learning from other artists. By attempting to study the drawing, the paint strokes, or color palette to duplicate their works.This is a process that can help students learn and can be a important step in their progression. Lessons include a study of realism, surrealism, imagination, and abstract art.
  6. Silent concentration: The policy of silence during drawing carries over into other subjects and helps attention span enormously. Students actually want quite to draw, since you cannot draw and talk at the same time.
  7. Everyone can draw: Given the structure and tools to succeed students learn that art is a teachable skill at which everyone can be successful!