Drawing Lesson: Zebra

Photo Jan 15, 5 25 59 PMThe Zebra is a fantastic lesson!

This lesson takes a great deal of hand eye coordination to not only draw the outline of the Zebra, but to also draw the connecting stripes in the right places!

It is believed that the zebra’s stripes work like camouflage, according to the National Geographic. When zebras stand together, it is harder for predators to determine how many zebras are in the group.

The stripes may also make the zebra appear unattractive to smaller predators, such as bloodsucking horseflies, which can spread disease. In addition, the stripes may work as a natural sunscreen.

Pretty interesting! Who knew. We also learned that because of their unpredictable behavior Zebras have never been domesticated.


Drawn by a 4 year old

This Zebra is swimming through the water…

Photo Jan 15, 5 26 14 PM

Drawn by a 4 year old

This Zebra is standing in a thunder storm…

Photo Jan 15, 10 52 16 AM

Drawn by a 4 year old

This Zebra is eating Grass…

Photo Jan 15, 10 52 03 AM

Drawn by a 5 year old

This Zebra is standing in a field of grass…

Photo Jan 15, 10 51 53 AM

Drawn by a 6 year old

 This student added the bird bringing a worm to its nest in the tree…

Photo Jan 15, 5 38 05 PM

Drawn by a 7 year old

This picture has not only the Zebra but also a few of the other Safari animals…

Photo Jan 15, 5 33 19 PM