Sculpting-Piggies and other cute animals!

Photo Jan 22, 10 16 28 AMWhen I was a child my Mother would make the most amazing things out of salt dough. She really took the molding to a new level.

I remember her sculpting large nativity scenes, wreaths, animal sets, basically everything.

So as a kid I did many of my own creations. The great thing about salt dough is that it is great for molding, and you can paint it once it has been baked. The painting part is so fun. Kids love it.

We decided to make Piggies in a pig pen with the option of making something else if you could think of it. Check out these cute pictures. Here is a recipe to make Salt Dough

Children began by molding their Pig.


Each pig had a water bowl and a food bowl

Photo Jan 22, 10 31 06 AM

This is great for coordination and sensory skills.

Photo Jan 22, 10 16 28 AM

And you have a pig!

Photo Jan 22, 10 20 23 AM

After all the creations were sculpted and baked it was time to paint!

Paint and paint and paint!

Photo Jan 29, 4 36 13 PM

After the animals were all painted it was time to make the pens. Each pen is a little different! The pens were made from “building” skill sticks.  A square cardbord piece for the bottom and a piece of brown felt for the “mud”

Photo Jan 29, 5 56 56 PM

Put it together….

Photo Jan 29, 10 28 42 AM

More examples…

Photo Jan 26, 5 36 35 PM

Here are the finished animals!

A dog..

Photo Jan 26, 6 19 02 PM

 A unicorn family….

Photo Jan 26, 6 02 42 PM

A Horse corral…

Photo Jan 29, 5 55 39 PM

Pig pens..

Photo Jan 26, 6 18 52 PM

More pigs!

This is a wonderful experience for kids. Not only do they have a adorable toy set to bring home and play with but they have the satisfaction knowing they actually made it! The coordination and creativity that comes from this is beneficial. There are no limits on what a person can create if only you can come up with an idea….