Dinosaur-Drawing Lesson

Photo Mar 05, 10 27 04 AM - CopyThis was a pretty cool lesson. Dinosaurs. A fun part about drawing the Dinosaur is the opportunity to draw angle lines. The spikes on the back, the teeth, claws, tail spikes. It all makes it interesting, and I have to admit the process of drawing a pattern or angles such as spikes is just plain fun!

We discussed how there were many kinds of Dinosaurs. We talked about fossils and dinosaur eggs that have been found. Lucky we have the Museum of the Rockies here. So many of the kids have an understanding of fossils. We talked about how we don’t really know what color a dinosaur was….so they could color it any way they wanted!

This is a really cool clip with all the Dinosaur names and sounds they could have made!


We read a few fun Dino books, How do Dinosaurs Clean Their Rooms and how do Dinosaurs eat their food.We  got inspiration from the pictures in the book Dinosaur Roar.

Photo Mar 05, 5 35 22 PM

The kids love having little dino’s that come and watch them draw!

Photo Mar 05, 10 26 57 AM

An example of one of the Dinosaurs we drew.

Photo Mar 05, 10 27 07 AM - CopyThe kids each had an example to inspire them of colors they could use in their Dinosaur.

Photo Mar 05, 10 26 41 AM - Copy

Don’t you just love how little Lego guys seem to appear everywhere….!

This kids drew the realistic version. Look at how closely his drawing resembles the poster!

Photo Mar 05, 10 56 09 AM - Copy

Drawn by a 5 year old!Photo Mar 05, 10 51 31 AM - Copy

Drawn by a 4 year old!

Photo Mar 05, 10 55 32 AM - Copy

Photo Mar 05, 10 55 38 AMDrawn by a 4 year old!

Blue Dino with green spots and a big red mouth!

Photo Mar 05, 10 51 24 AM - CopyDrawn by a 4 year old.

A T Rex. Sometimes it is fun to see the black and white version and then the color version!

Photo Mar 05, 5 01 49 PM - Copy

With the color…

Photo Mar 05, 5 28 49 PM - Copy

Drawn by a 7 year old!

Photo Mar 05, 5 01 34 PM - Copy

Dinosaurs and aliens….seems like a good boy match!

Photo Mar 05, 5 40 02 PM

Drawn by a 7 year old!

Photo Mar 05, 5 01 26 PM - Copy


Photo Mar 05, 5 30 58 PM

We had a blast!