Foal-Drawing Lesson

This is such a cute Lesson. The Pony. You will see here that each pony has HUGE differences, and PERSONALITY! I was pretty excited about that because each student really put their heart into their drawing and you can see the results are fantastic.

Calling a baby horse a foal is a slightly general term. To more specifically describe a foal, you can call it a filly if the horse is a girl or a colt if he’s a boy. Foals can stand, walk, and trot a very short time after birth. Ideally, a foal should be up and nursing within two hours of birth.

Drawing the Foal can easily take a full lesson as the details take quite a lot of observing. First you have the structure of the head. Then you have the wobbly legs. A Foals legs are actually Quite long which adds to the cute factor. They are almost the length they will be when they reach adulthood.

All Drawings done by the 8-12 year old class!

Drawn by a 9 year old!

A very realistic foal

Photo Feb 09, 5 48 39 PM

Drawn by a 8 year old

A unicorn in a beautiful world

Photo Mar 05, 9 21 10 AM

Drawn by a 9 year old

A foal in a volcano world with horns.

Photo Mar 07, 7 41 03 AM

Drawn by a 8 year old

A soft Gray Foal.