Tree House-Drawing Lesson

Photo Feb 16, 5 48 14 PMThere are a few different kinds of drawing. Realistic drawing, which is a lot of what we do in the studio, abstract drawing which tells feeling and emotion with no particular realistic subject, and then symbolic drawing.

We did a mix of Symbolic and Realistic drawing in this lesson. When the child is drawing they are communicating. As they draw they will be saying this is the kitchen, this is the ladder to get upstairs, this is the living room. Here is the stairway to go to the next room.

I wanted to inspire the kids with content and see what they could come up with on their own.

Check out this video on drawing a tree house. There is something magical about drawing this kind of house. I think it awakens something inside of us that wonders what it would really be like and wouldn’t that be so fun..

I asked the students questions that would get them thinking….

  • How are you going to get up your tree house? Will you use a spiral staircase a rope or a pulley?
  • How will you get from house to house? A slide a bridge or ropes?
  • Will your house have windows?
  • Will you draw the outside or the inside of the house as well?
  • Do you want a garden in the tree house or on the ground?
  • How will they get supplies up and down?

These are just a few of the thought provoking questions. There could be so many more!

Photo Feb 16, 5 48 52 PM


Drawn by a 9 year old

Photo Feb 16, 5 43 15 PM

Log house tree house

Photo Feb 16, 5 56 13 PM

Drawn by a 8 year old

Photo Feb 16, 5 43 38 PM

You can see there are a lot of needed buildings in this large tree house!

Photo Feb 16, 6 06 11 PM

The inside view of the tree house!

Photo Feb 16, 5 55 59 PM

Drawn by a 9 year old

Photo Feb 16, 5 42 57 PM

Its a battle here!

Photo Feb 16, 5 57 08 PM

Each child then presented their artwork to the class and explained what they drew! This was great fun!

Photo Feb 16, 5 52 25 PM

Photo Feb 16, 6 02 57 PM

Photo Feb 16, 5 49 31 PM