Snow Leopard-Drawing Lesson

Photo Feb 23, 6 13 12 PM

Snow Leopards reside in Central Asia.

In the summer months snow leopards will stay high up in the mountains, in the winter months they will come down from the mountains into the forest.

Snow leopards’ tails are long and flexible, helping them to maintain their balance, which is very important in the rocky terrain they inhabit. Their tails are also very thick due to storage of fat and are very thickly covered with fur which allows them to be used like a blanket to protect their faces when asleep

Their habitat is the rocky slopes cliffs and forests. They are not seen very often and are very illusive.

You will want to watch this short clip.



All the artwork done in this lesson was by the Advanced Art after school program at Monforton!

Photo Jan 28, 12 07 47 PM

In this lesson the Students were taught the technique of shading with a tortillon and a kneaded eraser. This took two weeks to complete. This was a great lesson in training your eye to draw patterns. The patterns of the fur. Some of the spots are small some are large.

Photo Feb 11, 4 39 26 PM

All Artwork done by students ranging from 3rd-8th grade.

 It is amazing what you can do with a pencil, inspiration, and a will to create!