Monthly Update: June Happenings

June was a fantastic month. It was the month we started lessons and we have done some very cute projects.

Our First lesson was a hit. I have decided to post one picture from every lesson to give an Photo Apr 22, 10 40 22 AMexample. You can see more pictures on our Facebook page.

These few lessons were from our Drawing through the Alphabet Curriculum. These lessons are educational because each lesson children learn about the subject they are drawing as well as the Phonetic sound the animal starts with.

C is for Cow. Children Learned about the various Cows around the world. The Western Cow the Australian cow and the Sacred Indian cow.

D is for Ducks. Children Learned about the many kinds of Ducks from the Wood Duck to the white farm Duck. They also learned the difference in color and markings of a Drake and a Mallard.

A is for Ape. Children Learned about the Various kinds of Apes and the difference between an Ape and a Monkey. They also were able to look at a map and see where these different Apes come from.

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The Foal Horse: This was a darling lesson. Children Learned that the Foal has legs about as long at an adult horse. This added to the Charm of these Foals. The horse is a complected animal to draw and it took most of the lesson to learn and draw the proportions.

The Red Eyed Tree Frog: This was a very colorful lesson. We learned that there are many kinds of Frogs. Children learned why the Tree frog is brightly colored, Why they have extremely long back legs and other facts. This lesson gave much background variety. I love how each picture turned out very different.

The Mexican Girl with Calla Lilies: What a beautiful lesson this was. I was so excited to teach this one because of the loveliness in it. It was also pretty complected and offered the Children the opportunity to make decisions on the details of the drawing. This lesson was inspired by the Famous Painting by Diego Rivera and  Linford Donovan. Children also learned about the Beautiful Calla Lilies and their various colors.

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Each month I am going to do some kind of other Project to keep variety in the lessons. This month we painted rocks from this Wonderful Book. This was a delight for the children. They really got a kick out of making a regular boring rock look like an animal that was realistic and real. This makes for great Garden art. I am already thinking of other ideas for the future! Check out this page on Pinterest. It really is amazing! I am so proud of what these kids did in this lesson.

Kindred Art Facebook Page

Check out our Facebook Page to see more of the drawings and to keep up to date on more of the happenings at Kindred Art Studio!

Another update to the Facebook page is the opportunity for Children to learn a little more about the subject they will be learning about.

Each week I will be posting some sort of video clip for the upcoming lesson. Parents can watch this clip with their child in their home.

Further Academic Learning

This is an opportunity for the parents to be involved and for parent and child to be excited about learning and seeing what the next weeks lesson will be about. This will also further learning, as we have a limited amount of time per lesson to discuss the facts of the subject. It will give the child greater insight as how to draw the subject.

For example: In the Lesson The Red Eyed Tree Frog I had no Idea that the Tree Frog had such long back legs. After watching the short video I was able to see for myself and also observe the markings on the underbelly.

(Click for direct link to video)