Art Lesson: Jungle Animals

This was an inspiring lesson! This lesson took two weeks to finish. Children learned about the ocelot.

The ocelot is similar in appearance to a domestic cat. Its fur resembles that of a clouded leopard or jaguar and was once regarded as particularly valuable. As a result, hundreds of thousands of ocelots were once killed for their fur. 

The ocelot is also known as the dwarf leopard, is a wild cat distributed extensively over South America including the islands of Trinidad and MargaritaCentral America, and Mexico

Here is a video I posted to my Facebook page to help children be excited for next weeks lesson and to get them thinking about what they might draw.

There are some great books out there.  Here are a few books I recommend reading!

The Umbrella by Jan Brett. Her books are filled with pages that kids and adults could sit and look at for extended periods of time. If you are familiar with her illustration you will know I am referring to the amount of detail in each page. Not only do you have a beautiful drawing in the center but you also have drawings on each side of the page. I love her books!

Drawing the Jungle is so fun because there are so many colorful animals to draw, but we could only pick a few!

This lesson also gave the children the feel for Colored Pencils. All of the coloring was done with prismacolor colored pencil.

We studied leaves and noticed how it is more interesting if you draw one side of a leaf dark and one side light. We also studies the veins in the leaf and how to draw them.



Drawn by a 8 year old


Drawn by an 8 year old



Drawn by an 8 year old

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They are pleased!

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