Art Lesson: H is for House

 4-6 Year old class

This was a different lesson but I felt like it would be interesting to ask kids about where they lived. Questions like….Do you have a dog or cat? What color is your house? Do you have a tree in your yard?

Kids drew a generic house but added details that were relivent to their homes. Like a dog or cat if they had one.

This also was a good lesson to practice angle lines. Much of the house involved sharp lines and patterns such as in the front steps. The chimmney, and curve lines in the roof of the house. Every kids loves to draw the sun, and a few had interesting details such as pebbles in the side walk.

Here was the Video posted to my FaceBook page.

There are quite a few cute books to choose from about houses. But I decided to read this one by H A REY Creators of Curious George!

Book H A Rey

This book has a picture of each home, such as animals, cars, trains and people. Each picture has the home and when you fold it over it shows what lives inside it!



Photo Oct 02, 10 00 42 AM

Photo Oct 02, 10 55 30 AM


Photo Oct 02, 10 54 02 AM


Photo Oct 01, 5 49 20 PM


Photo Oct 02, 11 05 15 AM

 We had fun with this lesson!