Art in the Community

Giving back

Last night was a great night. A local school had their annual Art Fair. This is a fun night for the school to raise money to support the art program and continue offering this high quality program. I decided I wanted to help along with other volunteers.

The night began with families buying a wrist band. Then children could participate in numerous booths set up around the gym. They had everything from Mask decorating, t-shirt painting, World Face Painting, Calligraphy and much more! I had my booth there as well.

Photo Apr 25, 4 36 43 PM

My booth consisted of activities I do in my studio. Something that kids and even adults enjoy because it is such a challenge. The children would copy a design and then draw it in the underlying space below. This is a wonderful activity that can boost concentration. People would comment to me that the children were so absorbed. They had the ability to zone in on this project and focus.

Photo Apr 25, 5 24 47 PM

 I was thrilled because it further proved to me how great drawing is and that kids really do enjoy it. I had boys and girls ages four to thirteen drawing. Some of the kids would finish one paper and ask for another and some of them finished all four exercises.

Photo Apr 28, 9 43 19 AM

I also had the opportunity to donate a few works of art to the auction. This turned out well and I’m glad I could participate. Donating to these type of things are great way to show that you care and show your support.

Photo Apr 25, 4 57 40 PM

This also gave me a chance to talk about my art lessons and hand out my postcards.

Photo Apr 24, 1 25 01 PM

I love drawing and this was a great night for everyone!

Photo Apr 28, 9 47 00 AM