Art Lesson: Tropical Birds

IMG_5747The Tropical bird lesson is a classic here. I think the reason it is such a great drawing subject is that there are so many colorful birds in the Rain forest.There are the Parrots, the Toucans,and the Macaws to name a few.

Parrots have beautiful long feathers, that are a delight to draw. The Toucan has an extremely long beak.It is surprising to realize how large it really is, and make a person wonder what it would be like to have such a massive beak on your face! The Macaw has beautiful bright feathers that give you the excuse to have fun with the coloring.

The Students are given the choice to do a close up of the birds or a scene of many birds together. Here are a few of those drawing! Media is a mix of Color Pencil and Marker.

Drawn by a 6 year old

6 year old

Drawn by a 8 year old


 Drawn by an 8 year old

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Drawn by a 7 year old

7 Year old

Drawn by a 7 year old

7 Year old