Painting Lesson- Gold Fish and Butterflies

Well we had some catching up to do as Christmas eve was on the same day as the lessons. So we had a Saturday painting class instead.

We decided to paint Fish for some of the younger children and Butterflies for some of the older children.


Photo Jan 03, 9 58 58 AM

All the supplies are set up!

Photo Jan 03, 10 11 30 AM

 Blue seemed to be the color of choice!

Photo Jan 03, 10 14 14 AM

These kids really got a kick out of having their hands painted. I think it was unexpected and that made it fun!

Photo Jan 03, 10 47 21 AM

 Painted by a 4 year old

Photo Jan 03, 11 10 20 AM

Painted by a 4 year old

Photo Jan 03, 11 03 56 AM

Painted by a 4 year old

Photo Jan 03, 11 01 27 AM

While the younger class was painting fish the older children were working on painting butterflies.

They learned how to hold a brush, make strokes, and put their own personal style in the picture.

I was very inspired when two of the students decided their butterflies were flying in tufts of cotton floating in the air! There is a glimpse into what they are imagining while creating!

 Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks~Plutarch


Photo Jan 03, 10 33 05 AM

 Painted by an 8 year old

Photo Jan 03, 11 30 23 AM

 Painted by an 8 year old

Photo Jan 03, 11 30 02 AM

Painted by an 8 year old

Photo Jan 06, 9 40 34 AM