Girl with Calla Lilys

Photo Jan 12, 5 55 07 PMStudents looked at inspiration by Linford Donovan before creating their own version of art the Girl with Calla Lily’s.

Lesson involved learning the proportions of the face. Such as the eye lids, highlight in the eye, and how the upper lip is usually darker than the lower lip.

Children were able to choose the flower color and and clothing color and design. Lesson also involved learning about the beautiful Calla Lily Flower, although not considered true lilies, the calla lily is an extraordinary flower and is available in a multitude of colors.

The Human face is not an easy thing to draw and these Children did a fabulous job. 

Photo Jan 12, 5 08 41 PMStudents began by drawing the facial features,clothing and flowers.

Photo Jan 12, 5 03 07 PM

Next comes the coloring in part. Students chose their clothing designs.

Photo Jan 12, 5 50 16 PM

To get a real dark black on the hair. Students used Acrylic black paint. This was different and fun way to mix media.

Photo Jan 12, 5 55 07 PM

Drawn by an 8 year old

Photo Jan 12, 6 06 38 PM

Drawn by an 8 year old

Photo Jan 12, 6 11 12 PM