Giraffe Art Lesson

Photo Nov 20, 5 07 15 PMThe Giraffe is the tallest animal in the world! Characterized by its long legs, long neck, and distinctive spotted pattern, many people first believed the giraffe was a cross between a leopard and a camel, which is reflected in its scientific name, Giraffa camelopardalis.

Giraffes live primarily in savanna areas in the sub-Saharan region of Africa. Their extreme height allows them to eat leaves and shoots located much higher than other animals can reach.

Giraffes only spend between 10 minutes and two hours asleep per day. They have one of the shortest sleep requirements of any mammal.


I like to keep things creative, so today we did a lesson on Zentangle. Zentangle is known to many artists and craftivistas as a way to create structured designs through drawing various patterns. Sometimes mistakenly called “Zendoodling” or “tangle doodling,”  It is a very interesting way of drawing and takes a great deal of thought.
Students drew a giraffe then Zentangled the patterns in the Giraffe. Check out these cool ideas!

Photo Nov 17, 5 22 00 PM



Here is the Example of a Zentangle Giraffe the children drew from. The Drawings were done in Marker and the color in the background is done with oil Pastel. It is meant that the Giraffe is not colored in.


The Preschool children colored their Giraffe in with Marker.

Drawn by a 4 year old

Photo Nov 20, 11 05 46 AM


Drawn by a 5 year old


Photo Nov 20, 11 05 21 AM

Drawn by a 4 year old

Photo Nov 20, 5 07 15 PM

Photo Nov 20, 5 27 15 PM

Drawn by a six year old

Photo Nov 20, 5 28 45 PM

Drawn by a 6 year old

Photo Nov 20, 5 07 20 PM

Photo Nov 20, 5 25 19 PMDrawn by a 7 Year old


Photo Dec 03, 5 31 07 PM

Drawn by a 8 year old.


Photo Nov 17, 5 46 34 PM

Drawn by a 8 year old


Drawing done with Marker and Water color Pencils.

Photo Nov 17, 5 35 34 PM