Bubbles-Drawing Lesson

I can always tell a good lesson by how quiet the room is. I can honestly say these kids were so absorbed in the wonder and excitement of this lesson. They were fully engaged and that is a good sign that they are enjoying what they are doing!

Drawing Bubbles on black paper is really interesting because of the way a color pencil will pop against the black paper. There is no right or wrong way to draw and you will see that these students all saw a bubble diffrently.

While teaching the lesson I walked around the room blowing bubbles. The students were then able to see firsthand what a bubble looks like and the many colors you may find. I also had pictures of bubbles on the walls and on their tables so they could study the colors.

Here is a fun video. Can you see all the different colors you can get in these bubbles?

All of the drawings here were done by the 3rd-8th Grade Gifted In Art Class at Monforton School!

Photo Feb 25, 4 18 58 PM - Copy

These are all stunning!

Here is a look at the drawings done by the younger students in my studio.

First we practiced writing the letter B for Bubble…

Photo Feb 26, 10 53 20 AM


You can use stencils or caps to create a round circle.

Photo Feb 26, 4 52 21 PM

Drawn by a 4 year old!

Photo Feb 26, 5 03 28 PM

Her favorite color seems to be pink!!

Photo Feb 26, 5 26 04 PM - Copy

Drawn by a 4 year old!

Photo Feb 26, 10 20 56 AM - Copy

 You can see here there are two colors per bubble with a white highlight in the middle.

Photo Feb 26, 10 55 15 AM

Coloring in a circle is great practice in hand coordination!

Drawn by a 4 year old!

Photo Feb 26, 10 55 29 AM - Copy

Drawn by a 7 year old!

Photo Feb 26, 5 03 32 PM - Copy

Photo Feb 26, 5 27 08 PM - Copy

Drawn by a 7 year old!

Photo Feb 26, 5 03 39 PM - Copy

Photo Feb 26, 5 37 44 PM - Copy


I think the best part of this lesson was the excitement of seeing how color can pop out on black paper. The lesson was a hit and we will be doing it again!